Meeting 6 Apr 1908

DSCF6132_Pg8_9Meeting held 6th April 1908

Present: W. Mellor, A. Moorhouse, J. Wright, Jesse[e] Hardwick, W. Tunnicliffe, J. Taylor, J.S. Still, T.W. Tyson, H. Ellis & I. Whitworth (Hon. Sec)

The Minutes of last meeting were read & passed.

The following sums were received & handed to Treasurer

Subscription – The Lady C. M. Gaskell 10-6
Entrance fees H. Ellis 2-0
W. Mellor 1-0
Joshua Stansfield – 4.0

The discussion on judging flowers by points was reopened & it was proposed by Mr Tyson & 2nded by Mr Moorhouse that the maximum number of points be 3. The subject of transferring stands & flowers from the amateur class, after being judged there, to the open class for judgement was next considered – the question at issue being whether an exhibitor [Page 9] should be permitted to rearrange his stands & substitute any other flower for a defective flower therein. The matter was ultimately deferred until the next meeting.The new rules were next discussed & some progress made in drafting them.It was also passed unanimously that the radius for amateur exhibitors be extended to the limit of 10 miles from the Cathedral.

Jesse Hardwick


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