Sun 29th Apr 1923

book1907_208Special meeting April 29th
Present H Gill (Chair) Robt Robinson, E. H. Robinson
Hewitt, Taylor, Spurr, Rouse Robinson, Burrell,
Lunn, S F Richmond (Sec)
A letter was read from C. W. Needham about making
the Tulip night at the Paxton society more interesting by
The Tulip society members all taking part in discussion by asking questions on the 19th May
Proposed by Mr John Taylor Seconded by Robt Robinson
that we fall in with the views of Mr Needham
Proposed by Alf Spurr Seconded by RobtRobinson that
The Sec pay the printing account for the coming Show
Proposed by Robt Robinson Seconded by E H Robinson
That Mr Needham & Mr Bentley of Castleton Man/ter
to be asked to judge the Local Classes & Mr J
book1907_209Netherwood Garden Street Wakefield &
Mr Tom Spurr Eastmoor be asked to judge The
Open Classes At the Tulip show on May 12th
Signed R R

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