Mon 24th May 1920

book1907_180Annual Show held Whit Monday & Tuesday May 24th 1920
6 Rectified open class 1st C J Fox (Birmingham) with
Sarah Headly Fl, Mabil Fr, Sam Barlow, Fr & FL, Talisman
Fl, Adonis Fr, 2nd Jesse Hardwick with Mrs Colyer fr (premium)
Mabel fl, Paxton fl (Premier) Dr Hardy, Lord Denman fl
Mrs Jackson fr, 3rd R Robinson 4th F Fox
6 Breeders open class 1st C J Fox with Lady C Grosvenor
Annie Macgregor, Talisman, Othello, Sulpher, A Loyd
2nd F Fox
3rdJ Hardwick
4th R Robinson
3 Breeders open 1st R Robinson, Bridesmaid premier, Rosehill Paxton
2nd J Hardwick, 3rd F Fox, 4th C J Fox
Pairs open class 1st R Robinson
2nd J Hardwick 3rd C J Fox, 4th F Fox
6 Rectified Localclass 1st J Hardwick 2nd Ernest
Hardwick R Robinson, 4th S F Richmond, 5th F Fox
6thI Hewitt
6 Breeders Local
1st Ernest Hardwick, F Fox, J Hardwick
4th R Robinson, 5th S F Richmond, 6th I Hewitt
3 Breeders Local
1st R Robinson, 2nd Ernest
Hardwick, J Hardwick, F Fox, S F Richmond

book1907_181Classes Rose
Breeder Fea Flamed
1st Robinson J Hardwick Robinson
2nd Robinson J Hardwick J Hardwick
3rd J Hardwick H Gill F Fox
4th H Gill Ernest Hardwick Ernest Hardwick
5th F Fox Ernest Hardwick R Robinson
6th J Hardwick R Robinson Richmond
8th Richmond Richmond F Fox

Breeder Fea Flamed
1st H Gill F Fox J Hardwick
2nd H Gill J Hardwick H Gill
3rd Ernest Hardwick Ernest Hardwick J Hewitt
4th J Hardwick J Hardwick J Hardwick
5th F Fox F Fox R Robinson
6th J Hardwick Ernest Hardwick Ernest Hardwick
7th R Robinson H Gill R Robinson
8th Ernest Hardwick H Gill Richmond

Breeder Fea Flamed
1st H Gill J Hardwick J Hardwick
2nd J Hardwick Richmond Ernest Hardwick
3rd R Robinson H Gill Ernest Hardwick
4th Earnest Hardwick H Gill H Gill
5th R Robinson F Fox R Robinson
6th F Fox Richmond J Hardwick
7th Richmond Robinson F Fox
8th J Hewitt Ernest Hardwick R Robinson

The cup for best pan of 6 Rectified & 3 Breeders was won by Mr Jesse Hardwick
Payments £
Jesse Hardwick 2-2-7
Ernest Hardwick 17-10
R Robinson 1-16-3
Frank Fox 1-7-1
Chas Fox 19-0
Hewitt 4-1
H Gill 5-3
Ferns 16-0
S F Richards 7-2
£ 8-15-3

Cash Statement for 1920
Donations £6-10-0 McInnes Printing 1-7-6
Entrance Fee Open 1-10-0 Advertising 4-6
Local 1-14-6 Dinners 7-0
Establishment Fund 5-0-0 Judges Trav Ex 10-0
Cup Engraving 3-0
+ don 1-2-6 Stamps & Stationary 19-3
Prize Money 8 15-3
14-14-6 12-6-6
(Therefore ) £2-10-0 to carry for establishment fun
(Therefore ) prop by R Robinson} that the above be
sec by H Gill } carried
(Signed ) Jesse Hardwick

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