Fri 15th Oct 1954

book1954_007Minutes of Meeting held at the Jockey Hotel
Northgate Oct 15th 1954 at 7 pm
Members Present Messrs Beddows, Eyre, Hunt
Prest, Calvert, Bell, Booth, Hardman
Jukes Midgley Mr FR Hunter (Presiding) & the sec
J Akers
Minutes Pro N Eyre that minutes of last
Sec J Prest meeting be accepted as a true record.
“Delegation to see Music Saloon & meeting of societies to discuss suitability for their interests”
It was Pro G Hunt sec W Beddows “that the report of the delegates (N Eyre & J Akers) ruled out the suitability of the music saloon to this society
& that no further action be taken on this subject.
In reply to Mr Hunt the Secretary said he had received no answer to his letter to Mr Schaverall Sitwell.
Shows for 1955
Pro W Beddows Sec J Hardman that there shall be two shows in 1955 one at Altofts & one at Thornes Club.
The Secretary to write the Thornes Club
Committee to ask them to accept May 21st & 22nd
as the show dates in 1955.
Pro L Jukes sec JW Midgley that the secretary be thanked for providing Tulip seed for members
There were two raffles Thirteen lots of
Tulip bulbs & offsets (provided by the secretary) realised 11/6. Two Chickens (Donor Mr Hunter) realised 16/6. 2/6 was paid for rent of room.
Next Meeting Annual General Meeting
Meeting Closed 8 pm
FR Hunter
March 12th 1955


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