Mon 15th Jun 1908

book1907_024A meeting of the committee was
held on Monday the 15th June 1908.
present J. Hardwick (in the chair),
T.W. Tyson, A. Moorhouse, J. Wright,
W. Tunnicliffe, F.W. Tattersall, J. Taylor,
J. Stansfield, H. Ellis, R. Robinson &
I. Whitworth.
The subscriptions received by
the members since last meeting were
paid to the Treasurer & a balance
sheet prepared showing the amount
to be allocated for prizes.
The basis on which the prizes
should be paid was fully discussed
& finally settled (for particulars see
page 22). The amount due to each exhibitor
was calculated & schedules prepared
& the money was paid to each in full
(for analysis see page 22).

J. Wright
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