Fri 14th May 1909

book1907_029A meeting was held on the 14th May 1909.
Present: J. Wright (in the chair), A. Moorhouse,
J. Taylor, F.W. Tattersall, W. Tunnicliffe,
& I. Whitworth.
Minutes of previous meeting were
read & passed.
The exhibitors subscription list was
closed — 14 having paid up.
Letters were read from E.A. Brotherton,
M. P. & H. S. Childe enclosing subscriptions.
Also one from Lady Gaskell as to her Head
Gardener showing one from the Bentleys
Yorkshire Breweries
Ld withdrawing subscription
& one from Mr C.W. Needham generally.
Subscriptions & entrance fees amounting to
£1·16·6 had been received since last meeting.
A general discussion as to appointment
of judges took place — the final decision
being deferred to next meeting.

Jesse Hardwick


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