Mon 12th Apr 1915

book1907_130Committee meeting held Monday April 12/15
Present J Wright, Still, Robinson, Tattersall, Hardwick, Gill.

Chairman Mr Hardwick
Minutes of last meeting held Mar 1st confirmed
Subscriptions recd as follows.
J W Tattersall 1/-
W Cunnington 1/-
H Shaw 3/-
R Robinson 2/-
H Gill 1/-

Balance Sheet and statement of accounts  with vouchers
audited by Messrs Still. Gill. was passed.

Schedules for the show & exhibition to be printed and
to enable members to get in Subscriptions.
Conversation on general condition of the bulbs
took place.
Mr Gill be thanked for his kindness in printing the schedules.
Probable date May 29th 1915.

Jesse Hardwick

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