Sat 10th Jul 1954

book1954_005Meeting held July 10<sup>th</sup> 1954 at the Jockey
Hotel Northgate Wakefield.
Members Present Messrs H Eyre, G Hunt, A Tear
W Beddows, H Bell, J Hardman, H V Calvert, J Prest
L Jukes, J W Midgley, F R Hunter (President) & the sec J Akers
Minutes Pro N Eyre } that minutes of previous
Sec W Beddows } meeting be accepted as a true record.
Correspondence Pro A Tear } that the secretary
Sec G Hunt } confirm Mr Sacheverell
Sitwell of Weston Hall Towcester Northamptonshire that the society cannot provide him with
3 bulbs each of varieties different to those sold by Messrs Barrs which he needs to plant so that his artist Mr Rory McEwen can paint the flowers next year. Mr Midgley offered to lend him a painting (of 1901) of 3 flamed & 3 feathered
& that we we will supply him with flowers after the 1955 show if he will accept them.
Pro G Hunt sec W Beddows. that J Akers & N Eyre shall attend a meeting at the Music Saloon of the various Societies in Wakefield to see if it is not possible to acquire that Music Saloon ( now that the Ministry of Food have finished with it) to be used by any society as a function or show
book1954_006of what they are interested in.
It was Pro N Eyre sec A Tear that the standard of Judging of Dutch Tulips as laid down by the R.H.S with pts be adopted plus a further 4 pts for uniformity for
the Dutch Tulips.
This had been procured by Mr Calvert who said members had once had bulbs numbering thousands but these had become lost. He stressed the point that members should do more to multiply their own bulbs instead of buying from Messrs Barr’s every year.
An apology of absence was received from
Mr Markham.
A discussion carried on throughout the meeting on the secretary’s statement that the Old English Florists would come true each year if the heads or flowers were nipped off before they opened out each year.
The secretary also offered bulbs as raffle prizes at the next meeting
Meeting closed 8pm
Raffle realised 9/6 profit after paying 2/6
for room.
F R Hunter



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