Mon 13th May 1912

book1907_084A meeting was held on Monday the 13th
day of May 1912.
present- J Hardwick (chairman) W Calvert, J Wright,
T Gill, F W Tattersall, H Gill, H Ellis,
J H Still, A Spurr, W Tunnicliffe and I Whitworth.
The minutes were read and confirmed.
The secretary reported that Messrs Needham
& Netherwood accepted the position as judges
Mr Needham had written offering a silver medal
or 10/- to be completed for as the Committee
should decide & it was agreed that it should be
the first prize for pan of six rectified blooms.
A long discussion took place with reference
to the date of the Show which was already fixed
for the 25thinst but in consequence of the very
forward state of the blooms it was decided that
this was too late & it was proposed by
J Wright and seconded by F W Tattersall.
That was the date for the show be altered to the
20th inst carried unanimously.
This raised the question as to where the altered
would be convenient to the judges already appointed
& who had accepted, especially if Mr Needham was
not able to come. The matter was very fully considered.
and failing. Mr Needhams attendance- It was
proposed by J H Still & seconded by W Calvert.
That J Hardwick and H Gill be appointed to assist
Mr Netherwood in judging, on the understanding
that neither Mr Hardwick nor Mr Gill assist in
judging their own respective exhibits.
The Hon: Secretary was instructed to insert
prepaid advertisements in the Wakefield Express
and Wakefield Herald.
Jesse Hardwick

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