Mon 6th May 1912

book1907_083A meeting was held on Monday the
6th day of May 1912.
present- J Hardwick (chairman) J Wright,
A Spurr, J Taylor, F W Tattersall, J Gill,
W Tunnicliffe and I Whitworth.
Minutes were read passed and signed.
The question of date for holding the annual
Exhibition was fully discussed in connection
with the forward state of season & a
divergence of opinion was expressed- ultimately
it was proposed by I Whitworth and seconded
by J Taylor and 2neded by J Wright – “That the Show be held on the
25th inst”. As an amendment it was proposed
by J Taylor and 2nded by T Gill “That the Show be
held on the 18th inst”. The amendment was lost.
It was unanimously decided to invite Messrs
C W Needham and J Netherwood to again act as judges.
Also that Messrs Bowles & Co print report etc.
On the motion of F W Tattersall Seconded
by A Spurr the Hon: Secretary was empowered to
accept as Exhibitors any new members who might
apply for admission during the next three days.

Jesse Hardwick

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