Mon 6th Jan 1919

book1907_1606th Jan 1919
Present H Gill Chairman
Messrs Spencer, Spurr, Fox, Bakeley, FWT,
Robinson, Hewitt

Minutes approved as read on motion of
Messrs Robinson & Blakeley
Suggestions Open Classes

1. 6 Rectfied 2. 6 Breeders 3. 3 Breeders
4. Pairs any class 5. Prem feather 6. (Prem) &flame
7. (Prem) &breeder
Local Class Sections as before
Moved Robinson
Detail Expenses be equally apportioned between Local & Open classes
Date Nearest Saturday to May 25. ie 24th 26th
Curator J Hardwick
Date of Entry Open May 12th Local May 1st
Membership 5/- 4/- R R, H G
Scale. of Prizes open to be Govd — by SUBS + £2 — 10 — 0

Local as in previous years

book1907_161Schedule That Bentley be President Need- VP-Jesse
All Growers to be circularised
That Mr H Gill communicate with Open Class
Tickets & Schedule to be printed 500

Collectors:- Lists provided Members pair to collect, – R R., H. G
Brotherton Childe Bentley Heiw(Hewitt)
Hat EB Hazell Kirkgate Blakey

Payments F Fox 4/- 5/- 4/-
H Gill 2/-
FWT 4/- 5/- 9/-
RR 3/-
Election of Chairman Jesse Hardwick
Vice H Gill
Auditors Messrs Fox Hewitt
Treasurer & Secretary:- F W Tattersall

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