Sun 5th Mar 1922

book1907_195Monthly Meeting held March 5th 1922
Present H Gill (Chair) R Robinson, J Hewitt
John Taylor, Alf Spurr, E H Robinson
Rouse Robinson & S F Richmond
Proposed R Robinson seconded H Gill that the
Tulip Show be fixed for May 27th 1922
Proposed R Robinson Carried
Seconded E H Robinson that we show one Pair instead of three blooms as
proposed by Chas J Fox of Birmingham
we thank Mr Fox for this suggestion

Pro by R Robinson Sec A Spurr that
we make a novice class as suggested
by C W Needham & for which he offers
Tulip Bulbs. The Class will be 1 Breeder
1 Flamed & 1 Feather & money prizes as they
can get
(Signed)H Gill
Feb 5
H Gill paid 1/- Local 1/6 open 1/- £? 1/6 D 2/6 1/6
Alf Spurr 1/- 3/-
Robt Robinson 3/- ” 1/- ” 2/-
E H ” 1/- 1/- 2/- Rowse Robinson 4/-
J Hewitt 4/-
John Taylor 4/- Frank Fox 9/-

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