Mon 5th Mar 1917

book1907_146General Meeting
held March 5/17
Chairman:- Mr J Hardwick
Present:-F W Tattersall H Gill J H Still J Taylor

Minutes approved as read

Resolved that J Hardwick Chairman }
J H Still Vice Chairman} H Gill
F W Tattersall Secretary} J Taylor
” Treasurer}
Show Balance Sheet 1916 approved

Irving Hewitt 4/- }
Her Blakeley The Rocks Headley Rd } New Members
E Still }
That the show shall be held as usual
with the proviso that the prize money
depend upon eventualities.
Contributions J H Still 1/- Mr Taylor paid
J Taylor 1/- 10/- bulbs
H Gill 1/-
J Hardwick 1/-
F W Tattersall 1/-
Cunnington 1/-

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