Thu 2nd Apr 1931

Mr R Robinson Chairman and Messrs W

and E H Robinson, A T Means with the

Secretary I Hewitt

The Secretary reported that he had received a letter from the Solicitors of

Mr S Peace Printer Ossett, which stated that unless the sum of £3-10-0 was not paid within seven days, legal proceedings would be taken, inter alia the sum required was to meet a printers bill due in 1928,which should have been paid by the late Secretary S F


After a discussion it was agreed unanimously that where the good name of the Society was concerned the bill should be paid and the Secretary was unstructed to take the necessary steps.

Page 13. (12.1.12) vase class. No points are allowed for competitors scoring in the vase class, points only reckoned from exhibitors winning in the usual pans and pairs.

6 handsome diplomas were allotted as special prizes to the following

1st Novices class, 3 Premiers, 1 Best

Feathered Rose and best Fla BYB, classes

The Secretary stated that in addition to the Mayor the Deputy Mayor Cr Hemingway hoped to be present as well as the

Bishop of Wakefield.

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