Sun 2nd Feb 1919

book1907_162Meeting Held Feb 2nd 1919
Chairman Mr J Hardwick
Present F W T, H Gill, Blakeley, Fox, Hewitt
Robinson, Spencer
Minutes reported
Circular to open classes adopted
Mr Needham promises his support
as usual
Local Schedule to be printed & circulated

Subns I Hewitt 4/- Spencer 4/-
H Gill 4/- Spurr 2/6
Blakely 2/-
Hardwick 1/-
Mr Allibone 2/6 Mr Larrard 5/-
Highfield Rd Horbury
T.W. Hewitt 2/6
Quarry Lane, Horbury
Towers 2/6 Normanton

Next Meeting March
J Hardwick 2/-
R Robinson 5/-
Blakeley 7/-
Gill 2/6

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