Mon 1st Jun 1908

book1907_015A meeting was held on Monday the
1st June 1908.
present J. Wright (chair), A. Moorhouse,
T.W. Tyson, J. Taylor, W. Tunnicliffe & I. Whitworth
Mr Mellor was still alive.

The minutes of last meeting read & passed.

Letters received from Mr Needham & Mr
H. Gill were also read.
It was decided that the pans to be
judged for the Dickens’ works should be judged
exactly as for the Amateur Class & not allowed
to be rearranged.
J. Wright
Exhibitors Numbers for 1908

  1. William The Lady Catherine Milnes Gaskell
  2. Joseph Wright
  3. Irving Whitworth
  4. F.W. Tattersall
  5. A. Moorehouse
  6. William Tunnicliffe
  7. Robert Robinson, Junction Lane, Horbury
  8. Harry Gilt Herbert Ellis
  9. J. S. Still
  10. Joshua Stansfield
  11. Jesse Hardwick
  12. Harry Gill

    Exhibitors Numbers — Open Class

    Note — The open class was abandoned.

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