Fri 31st Jul 1953

Members present

Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows

Tear Eyre E H Robinson Robshaw

Calvert F Booth j Hardman Prest

& the sec J Akers


Pro N eyre sec EH Robinson

That the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as a true record

New Members

Pro N Eyre sec W Beddows that

Mr Hardman Church Lane Normanton be accepted as a member pro EH Robinson sec N Eyre that that correspondence from Steward Sec of Thornes Club be accepted.

Standard of Judging

The Secretary said that he still wished to draw up a standard which could be typed or printed to be given to new members & would also bring together the different opinion of some of our old members. He did not wish to belittle any of our judges but was of the opinion that certain dutch flowers were being shown as rose feathered and flamed.

Pro Mr Beddows sec EH Robinson that

Stewards should go round before judging to see that all

Flowers were O E Florist & not leave this to the judge who had enough to do.

After discussion and reading by

Mr Calvert it was agreed

That Secretary shall prepare his copy as laid down by the

RHS Ruling for judging of the " English Tulip & its History"


The Secretary was instructed to procure bulbs for Mr Calvert

Mr Hunt Mr Robshaw Mr Hunter

Mr Smith "English Tulips" 100

(Dillinberg) 100 Late white between

Mr Eh Robinson & Mr Hunter


Mr Hunter gave some eggs which realized 8/6 after 2/6 had been paid for room. Meeting closed 8.10pm

FR Hunter Oct 17th

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