Sat 31st Jan 1953

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President) Beddows

Tear Eyre Hunt Prest EH Robinson Calvert

Booth & the Secretary J Akers

Minutes of previous A G meeting. Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Prest that minutes be accepted as a true record.

Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr Tear that Mr Rogers be accepted as a member

Election of Officers for 1953

Pro Mr EH Robinson sec Mr Hunt

That the officers be elected en bloc.

Auditors Report

The Auditors Mr Eyre and Mr Tear gave their report and said that the books were in good order & that the Secretary & Treasurer were to be complimented on the state of the finance. Endorsed by

Messrs EH Robinson and G Hunt

Secretary’s Report. & Financial Statement.

The secretary said that although we had had a very poor year owing to the show at the Whinney Moor having to be closed on the Saturday. The age of the flowers had warranted this. The Society had only a loss of about £4. All members agreed we had done well not to lose more.

Report of Sub Committee meeting with Thornes

WM’s Club was given to the meeting & was accepted by the members.

It was pro Mr Beddows sec Mr Hunt that one show should be held this year. After discussion this was carried.

Pro Mr EH Robinson sec A Tear that something be done about Coronation Year Class pro Mr Hunt Sec Mr Eyre that schedules be arranged next meeting.

Pro Mr Hunt Sec Mr Prest that Secretary receive £6 Honorarium and that he should take this sum

Mr Hunter gave some eggs. These were raffled and realized 9/- after 2/5 had been paid for room. The Secretary to advise members of next meeting. Meeting closed 8pm signed ) F R Hunter Feb 13th 1954

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