Sat 30th Oct 1943

Meeting [read] held at Headquarters, commencing at 7pm. Members present were, Mr Baxendale

Mr Tear, Mr Mouter, Mr T Taylor, Mr Hammond, Mr Hunt, Mr F Robinson, Mr Prest, & Mr N Eyre who took the Chair in the absence of our President Mr F R Hunter.

Minutes of last meeting was read & accepted as a true record. The Sec reported that he along with Mr EH Robinson had measured up tables and would give the measurements for Black Italian Cloth to Mr FR Hunter to purchase for the Society. 60ft x 3 ft & 30 ft x 54inches

Corrispondance was read from Barrs and Sons several new and old members placing orders also 15?- worth of bulbs were ordered for the 3 Novices who obtained 1st 2nd & 3rd

in points at 1943 Show.

Next meeting to be early in April 1944 to hear & pass the Balance Sheet & result of years workings of the Society

F R Hunter Apri 29th 1944

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