Mon 30th Sep 1968

bulb orders were distributed to members present, who were

Messrs J. Akers, chairman, J. Hardman, J. Taylor, W.D. Tear,

A. Tear, J. Fisher, N.H. Eyre, J.W. Prest, JWR Fox

C. Heptinstall H Collins, R.B. Green, J. Ward,

G. Foster, J.H. Lawton, B. Carr, J.K. Dixon &

H.V. Calvert.

Mr J. Akers distributed small bulbs of his own seedling tulips & Mr J.W. Prest gave 11 old English bulbs to new members present.

Mr Tear reported that there were about 400 flowering size old English bulbs plus offsets & from Mr the late Mr W. Markhams collection & it was agreed that these should be put up for sale to members at £2-0-0 a hundred. There were also a number of Darwin tulips for which Mr A Tear offered £1-10-1 & this was accepted.

A vote of thanks was proposed to those who had lifted the bulbs, & to Mrs M Markham who had donated the bulbs to the Society.

This was equivalent to a donation of £9-10-0.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr J Hardman & flowers by Mr Akers realised 17/-.

J Akers March 11th 1969.

Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

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