Mon 30th Apr 1962

Present the President Mr FR Hunter in the chair.

Also present Messrs J. Akers, N.H. Eyre, R. Hunt,

J. Prest, J.W. Midgley, A.H. Robshaw, A.T. Meens,

A. Tear & H Calvert secretary.

Apologies were received from Messrs W. Markham

& R.D. Wood.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

A letter was read from Mr Markham, who apologised for being unable to be present, & expressing a wish to withdraw from going round with the judge at the main show, suggestion that it would be better for the society if a younger man should do so instead. Apology accepted.

It was agreed that the secretary should write to arrange a meeting between Mr Akers & himself & the St Johns Terrance WM Club secretary on Friday

11th May at 8-0 PM to discuss certain matters in connection with the shows.

The Secretary was instructed to complete & send two forms supplied by Mr Tear & schedules to Garden news to qualify for free do adverts of our shows in their newspaper.

It was agreed that Mr Tear should arrange for adverts of both the early shows to appear in the

Normanton Advertiser & the secretary should arrange for the late show to be advertised in the Wakefield Express. It was possible that the St John Terrace W.M Club would incorporate the show late show in their announcement, so it was decided to consult them about it.

Regarding vases & black cloth, Mr Akers suggested that we could possibly borrow them from

Normanton Paxton Society & the Secretary was


ak asked to write to them about it.

The following prizes were donated for the Altofts

Show. ½ Bottle of Rum Mr Hunter

½ .. .. Whiskey Mr Akers.

½ .. .. Sherry Mr R Hunt

10/- note Mr A. Tear

Raffle tickets were issued to members for the

Altofts Show, to be sold at 3d each.

A raffle realised 10/-. The next meeting to be in two weeks time, 14th of May.

FRHunter May 12th 1962

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