Sat 30th Apr 1949

Mr F R Hunter presided

Members present Messrs Beddows Tear

EH Robinson K Robinson W Robinson

Robshaw Hunt Moutter Prest Booth and the secretary JAkers

The Minutes

Mr Hunt pro Mr Beddows sec that the minutes of the last meeting be confirmed


The secretary read a letter from the Red Lion Hotel Spalding stating that they could not provide us with tea.

Annual Show

Mr Hunt said that the Landlord of the Whinney Moor wanted £5/5/- for the rent of room for the Annual Show. The members were greatly surprised. Mr Hunt said he would find an opener for the

Annual Show

Mr Beddows pro Mr Robshaw sec

That the matter be left to Mr Hunter

Mr Beddows pro Mr Tear sec

That the Perkins Prize be left as last year

Trip to Shaford

Mr W Beddows pro Mr W Robinson sec

That tea be arranged for by the Secretary for 5 oclock Sunday May 8th

Mr Hunt pro Mr Robshaw sec

That the time be 5.30

Amendment carried


Pro Mr W Robinson sec Mr Eyre

That Messrs Midgley E H Robinson

& Beddows be judges

Pro Mr Tear sec Mr Beddows

That Mr W Robinson & Mr Eyre be judges for Altofts Show

Mr Eyre was asked to see Horbury Chrysanthemum Society re loan of vases & our Black Cloth

Mr Hunter to feych same.

Horbury members agreed to fix staging and fill bottles on Friday May 15th two of whom volunteered to be at Mr Hunter’s at 7pm to load van.

The Secretary next broached the subject of a Raffle to raise Funds

Mr Hunter promised eggs and whiskey

Mr W Robinson said coal or cigarettes would make tickets sell. Mr Beddow promised 2 bags of coal.

Meeting closed 8.50

Mr Hunter then raffled 1 jar of Bilberries

& 1 jar Blackcurrants. Raffle realised

7/- 2/6 was paid for room

4/6 profit.

Monday May 2nd the Secretary & President drew up the raffle and tickets were delivered to all members on May 3rd

FR Hunter May 2nd

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