Sun 30th Mar 1941

Member Present, Messrs W Beddow Chairman

R Robinson sen W Robinson, G Hunt, AT Meens,

A Tear, A Robshaw, R Robinson jun. C Hamshire

& EH Robinson

The minutes of last meeting were duly read and past unanimosly as a true record by a proposition from A Tear Seconded by A Robshaw

As nothing was arrising out of minutes the correspondence was then read, which included a letter from Mr Ellis Walker, stating that he would give a special prize of 10?- to any novice who had not previusly won a prize,

This caused much comment and the following proposition was carried by 5 votes to 4

Proposed EH Robinson Seconded by AT Meens

That a special class be included,ie, Stand of

Three Best Blooms, to be called the Walker

Stand and competed for by Novices who have not previusly won a prize in any English Florist Variety Class Novice or Otherwise

The Ellection of Offices for the ensuing year then took place, and all the Officials were returned with the exception of Auditors and Mr G Hunt & N Eyre were duly elected for that office, also an adision to our list of

Vice Presidents of Mr W G Robertson Park Superintendent

Pro W Robinson Seconded G Hunt

That two curators be appointed for show day to attend cheafly to Novices in Staging there blooms and any other member leaving blooms to be staged must leave in writing what classes his blooms shall be staged in and the follows two members were duly appointed as curators for 1941 Show R Robinson sen & A Robshaw

Pro W Robinson Sec A Robshaw and carried

That Vase Classes be first in shedule

Pro R Robinson jun, Sec C Hamshire and carried

That all gate money and returns from sale of Flowers be given to Clayton Hostital

Pro W Robinson, Sec AT Meens and carried

That the Lady Mayor of Wakefield be invited to open our show

Pro G Hunt Sec A Tear

That the following be accepted as members of our

Society Mr Bingham Wakefield Mr Bottomly Horbury

Mr J W Moulter Horbury

Next meeting April 27th

W Beddows

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