Thu 30th Mar 1933

Members present were as follows

Mr R Robinson(Chairman) Messrs Boulby, Beddows, Lockwood, Hiley, AMeens,

W Robinson & E H Robinson

Pro Lockwood sec Hiley}

That minutes of last meeting be past as read.

The correspondence was then read and interest was caused by a letter from

Mr Needham surgesting a class for pairs for the benefit of young growers but disishion was arrived at

Pro Lockwood sec Hiley}

That the Hand Syringe and 4 lbs of insecticide be presented to the winner of most points in the Local Classes pro Robinson sec Beddows}

That Spoons given by F K Perkins be presented along with the cup in the open Class and all other speucial prizes be fixed by secratery

The report was then heard from the deputation to the Whinny Moor Hotel which proved satisfactory to the committee and the following proposition was carried unanimusly

Pro Lockwood sec Beddows}

That we accept the offer of the

Whinny Moor Hotel to supply us with room for three day free of charge pro Robinson sec Boulby}

That our next meeting take place at our new headquarters on Thursday

April 13.

Pro Robinson sec Lockwood}

That the choice of opener for show be left entirely in the secraterys hands

Meeting closed 9-45

E H Robinson

Robt Robinson

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