Mon 29th Oct 1979

C Harrison was in the chair with S Knowles, R Cotton

P. Emmett, HV Calvert, JW Gibson, H Jackson, A Hayward,

J Earnshaw, J Taylor, J Akers, KN Eyre Hon Sec present

Apologies were received from N H Eyre J Hardman

The minutes of the last meeting were not read as the secretary had left the minutes at home.

Correspondence A letter letter for Lord Cochrane of Cults were read asking if the Society would like to have a cut glass vase to be competed for each year with the younger or new members in mind. After a long discussion The members asked the Secretary to write and ask his had know objection if the vase go could be given for the best bloom in the single bloom classes as the novice classes were well catered for with trophies.

New Members 6 4 New Members for approval

Mrs Kerry, Mr Perraudin, Mrs D Jenkinson, Mr JD Hepworth, E Goolgladow, EM Pickin, The hom

Sec aggreed to send some spare English Tulip Bulbs to as many new members as possible

Tulip Painting by Rory McEwan

The secretary reported that he had given a talk to the friends of Wakefield Art Gallery on the Englisg Tulips To got give the friends of the gallery some idea of the rare and beautiful flower we grow XXXX at that meeting Also Mrs Spencer the Museums and Art Gallery Office reported that Rory McEwan was willing to sell one of the original watercolour

XXXX Borders to the Wakefield Art Gallery

Bulbs were distributed to the members alos 10 bulbs were allocated to the following

C Harrison, S Knowles, T Cotton, P Emmett,

JL Akers, H Jackson, A Hayward, J Earnshaw,

J Taylor, KN Eyre

To be grown at the bloom to be and brought to the annual show and shown in a special class for 5 Tulip other than English.

Growing of English Tulip bulbs J Taylor asked if a letter could be sent to members on how to plant and grow Tulip bulbs as each member has his own ways methods of growing

Mr HV Calvert stated he would look into it

Raffle £1.10

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm

HV Calvert

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