Sun 29th May 1938

Members Present Messrs W Beddows (Chairman) W Robinson

J W Midgley. Reg.Robinson A Tear.

R. Robinson. G.C Still

Minutes of last meeting past as read

Mr A. Tear proposed a vote of thanks for Judges which was sec: by Mr W. Robinson

It was pro by Mr JW.Midgleythat Bills for printing be paid at once, Sec by Reg


It was then pro by Mr W Robinson that small shields be placed on base stand of open cup for future winners names to be engraved on arrangements for some to be made by Mr Reg

Robinson Sec by Mr JW Midgley.

Mr W Beddows then asked for Tulip Bulbs to be given to Society to be sold for Society funds Bulbs Promised Mr Beddows 200

Mr R Robinson 100

It was pro by Mr J W Midgley that Sec should write Ind Coop Brewery about subscription

Sec by Mr A Tear

For the pay out of prize moneys

W Beddows

Saturday June 25th was fixed , meeting time 6.30 this ended the business Meeting closed at 9.30

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