Mon 28th Nov 1966

Members present Messrs J. Akers, N.H. Eyre, J. Hardman,

J. Fisher, A.L.R. Hunter, J.W. Prest, A. Tear, S. Knowles

J.W.R. Fox, J.G. Nassau, H Collins, C. Heptinstall,

D.H. Hartley & H.V. Calvert, Secretary & G. Foster.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Mr Garfield Hunt who had been ill with Pleurisy, & Mr H.P. Moore, Sittingbourne, Kent.

New Members. The following were accepted as new members to the Society.

Miss Edna Lees, 27, The Avenue, Alwoodley Park, Leeds 17..

Mr Peter J.M. Jaffery, 11, Wauchope Road, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scottland.

Mr W. Guest, 161, Manygates Lane, Wakefield.

Mr K. Dunkley, 5, Mill Drive, Ratby, Leicestershire.

Mr S. Knowles, 41, Castle St, Barnsley, Yorks.

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 1st November 1965 were read & confirmed as a true record. There were no matters arising.

Correspondence was read form Garden News, stating that they were discontinuing free advertising of

Shows in their Show Diary & that in future a charge of 6d a word would be made. It was agreed that we should insert an announcement of of our 1967 Shows in Garden News at the appropriate time.

It was also agreed that two shows should be held as usual, one at the Horse & Jockey Inn, Altopts & one at the Duke of York Hotel, Sandal, the dates to be fixed later.

Letters were read from Mr Garfield Hunt, apologising for absence; from Mr P.J.M Jaffrey, Harwick Scotland thanking us for the nice selection of bulbs sent to him, & from Mr H.P. Moore, Sittingbourne, Kent, regretting his absence, but hoping to be with us at Show time.

Correspondence was read from Fred A. Jordon M.D. of New York U.S.A. & from Mr Cyrus Happy of Washington U.S.A. who had read the article about our Society printed in Garden News in June 1966 & asking for more information. It appears that Dr Jordan had purchased a collection of English florists tulip bulbs from Barrs, 12 to 15 years ago. All these had been lost through blight disease except

Sir Joseph Paxton & Sarah Headley, which he had nurtured & increased. Some of these he had passed on to Mr Happy & as far as we know, are the only old English florists tulips at present in the U.S.A. Mr Happy suggested that their local Primrose & Auricula Society, or the American Primrose Society may take interest in our Society & the survival of the English Show Tulip.

The Auricula growers knew about the old Show tulips, but probably felt that they no longer existed. He thought a little publicity in the right direction would get things going again.

The secretary the reported that he had replied to this correspondence, giving as much information as possible & suggesting that he should send a few bulbs to Mr Happy if import & export restrictions permitted. The secretary had since learnt from the Board of Trade that it would be necessary for us to have our soil tested for potato eelworm, & our bulbs inspected for disease while in growth & after being lifted.

The importer would also need a licence from the American Plant Quarantine Dept.

The chairman express thanks to the secretary for all the trouble he had taken, but after some consideration it was agreed to leave the matter in abeyance for the time being.

As all other correspondence received since that last meeting of the Society had already been dealt with by the Secretary, it was passed as read.

Financial Statement & Aditor’s Report.

A statement of accounts for this year ended 30thSeptember 1966 was presented to members, showing a net profit on this years workings of £9-2-10.

This had been attained by a substantial increase in membership, increased Donations & by the sale by members of nearly 2000 raffle tickets for the 2 1966 shows. It did not however, make up for the loss on the previous year, but was very encouraging. On a proposition made by Mr J.W.R. Fox, seconded by Mr J. Foster the balance sheet was adopted.

The Auditors reported the books to be in order & they were thanked for their services.

It was proposed by Mr Akers & seconded by Mr

Hardman that the Treasurer Mr J.W. Prest should receive a gratuity of 1 Guinea & that the Secretary should receive an honorarium of £6-0-0 for services rendered on the financial year ended 30/9/66.

Secretary’s Report. As a result of publicity in the Wakefield Express, The Yorkshire Post & the Garden News, membership of the Society had reached 61, an increase of 38 over the last year.

Bulbs of English florists tulips had been made available to members, as desired & most of our surplus stocks were now exhausted distributed among them. We have to thank the members from Altofts who for many years have been building up stocks English florists tulips. Mr Albert Tear deserves special mention. He has been our main source of supply since Barrs sold us their complete stocks in 1957. He is no longer unable to maintain large quantities & it is now the responsibility of each member to maintain his own stocks.

The Society is also indebted to Mr J. Akers for his free distribution of some of his best bulbs to members at our meetings.

It was proposed by Mr Eyre & seconded by Mr Fox that the best thanks of the Society be accorded to Mr Akers & Mr Tear.

Election of Officers.

President. It was proposed by Mr Akers, seconded by Mr Eyre & agreed unanimously that Mr F.R. Hunter be re-elected President.

Vice Presidents & Patrons. It was agreed that thye be re-elected en bloc.

The following were also re-elected.

Chairman, Mr J Akers.

Secretary, Mr H.V. Calvert.

Treasurer, Mr J.W. Prest.

Honorary Auditors, Mr N.H. Eyre & Mr A. Tear.

It was agreed that the next meeting should be held late in March 1967 at the Duke of York Hotel, Sandal, At 7-0 PM. the secretary to see the landlord in the meantime.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr J. Hardman realised 15/-.

The meeting closed at 8-15 PM.

J Akers

Nov 14th 1967

The Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

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