Fri 28th Oct 1932

Members present were as follows

Mr R Robinson (Chairman) W Robinson (Treasurer)

Messrs T Lockwood-Boulby-Hiley-F Fox

S Meens& EH Robinson.

Pro Mr Lockwood sec Mr Hiley}

That minutes of last meeting be past as read.

Pro: sec:} That our acting secratery write Mr Hewitt

Asking him to attend our next meeting to answer one or two questions the committee wish to ask or failing this he be asked to resign his secraterial duties.

Pro Robinson sec Robinson}

That under new rules ( re minute past

Sep29) one exhibitor shall only be allowed one prize in any one Class

Open or Local.

Pro Mr Boulby. Sec Mr Robinson}

That the following be elected

Members of this Society

Mr G Riley


Horbury Rd


Mr Stead

27 Anderson St



EH Robinson (Sec Pro Tem)

Robt Robinson

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