Thu 28th Aug 1947

Minutes of last meeting were read & confirmed.

Corrispondance was then read & accepted.

The action of our President in accepting Social Service House as our place of meeting (for this meetin) was endorsed. At our invitation Mr Robertson was present & he gave his views & advice on Darwin Tulip Classes. on the proposition of A Meens, seconded W Bedows, a vote of thanks was recorded to Mr Robertson.

It was discussed at great length,& finally carried that the following classes be represented in the Darwin Classes at our next show.

Class 1 Vase of Darwin Tulips (any variety) arranged for effect, decoration allowed.

Class 2 Vase or Bottle of 5 Dutch Breeder Tulips (any colour)

Class 3 " " " " " (Red in colour)

Class 4 " " " " (Pink in colour)

Class 5 " " " " ( Yellow in colour)

Class 6 " " " " White in colour

Class 7 " " " " Bronze in colour

Class 8 " " Parrot Tulips

Class 9 Three vases of 5 Dutch Tulips (each vase dissimilar)

Prize Money for thes Darwin Classes to be decided on at a later date. It was also decided to have a Gift Table, with sale prices attached,to be sold on the Saturday of Annual Show

All other blooms (except on Gift Table) not to be sold before 8-30pm on the Sunday, second day of show.

The question of place to hold our Annual Show in 1948 was discussed, & after several members had stated their views, finally it was proposed by Mr W Beddows, seconded by Mr N Eyre that this society hold our Annual Show in 1948 at the Council of Social Services House,Providence St Wakefield & on a vote being taken was carried.

Mr Hunter suggested a sun-committee be formed to go into matter of Prize Money for all classes, but this was allowed to lie on table, to be brought up later.

FR Hunter Jan 30th 1948

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