Sat 28th May 1949

Mr FR Hunter (Chairman)

Members Present Messrs Beddows A Tear

W Robinson Reg Robinson K Robinson

N Eyre G Hunt J Moutter J Prest

A Robshaw Booth and the secretary (J Akers)


Pro Mr Robshaw sec Mr Moutter that that the minutes of last meeting be confirmed

The secretary then gave a report on the Annual Show & the Show at the Horse and Jockey Altofts. Mr Beddows remarked that we had more than gained our loss of last year

Mr Reg Robinson pro Mr W robinson sec that the secretary be thanked for the report of & the work put into the


The Secretary suggested that the society should buy 24 vases of the larger type as used by the Horbury Chrysanthemum Society. Mr Eyre said that there was no need for them as we could borrow up to 200 vases from the said society and lend them our black cloth.They had not yet made any charge to us for the loan of the vases. Mr Hunt said the Chrysanth

Society had now bought Black Cloth of their own but Mr Eyre said they had not enough.

Mr Moutter pro Mr Beddows sec that the Secretary write and thank the Chrysanthemum Society for loan of vases.

Mr Beddows pro Mr Tear sec

That Horbury Members be thanked for erecting the staging etc for the Annual Show.

Mr Beddows pro Mr Hunt sec that a vote of thanks be sent to
Mrs Arnold for allowing us to hold our Show at the Horse and Jockey & for the great help she had given the Society.

the Secretary appealed to members to try to procure new members to carry on the Society in future years

New Member

Mr Moutter pro Mr K Robinso sec that Mr Stanley Rigg 108 Horbury Rd Wakefield be elected a member.

The secretary then dealt with his suggestion for new classes for our shows next year. He would like a selling class at each show of English Florist & one other than English. The whole of the flowers tp o be sold on the Saturday night of each show and to be staged in any convenient place until sold. He also proposed to make the nine single bloom at the Annual Show to 3 Single Bloom

Class in Breeder Feathered , Flamed and to increase the Prize money. Some of the Prize Money thus saved to be de-voted to his proposed selling class.

He asked the members to study this ready for the next meeting in August when he proposed to deal with the Schedule & the purchase of bulbs to fit same.

The Secretary then inquired for the whereabouts of Minute Book Data belonging to the Society which he proposed to display at our shows with the object of increasing the attendence of the public at our Show. After much discussion it was decided that

Mr Hewitt Hazekdean Rd Lupset may have the required information and Mr W Robinson agreed to see Mr Meens who should contact Mr Hunter so that Mr Meens & Mr Hunter could visit Mr Hewitt to ask for the return to the Society of the said books or data.

Mr Beddows pro Mr Prest sec that the above matter be left in the hands of the two gentlemen

Half doz eggs (from Mr Hunter) were raffled. After paying 2/6 for the Room the profit of 5/8 was handed to the treasurer Mr W Robinson won the eggs with No 49.

The Meeting closed at 8-10

The secretary to postcard members re the next meeting.

H R Hunter Sept 3rd 1949

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