Sat 28th Apr 1951

Members present Messrs Hunter (Chairman)

Beddows Tear N Eyre Hunt Prest

Moutter Reg Robinson EH Robinson

Booth & the Sec J Akers


Pro Mr N Eyre sec J Moutter that minutes be accepted as a true record.


Sec said letter had been received from Mrs Burrows agreeing to

Open Whinney Moor Show & from Mr Jack Dunford saying he could not open

Altofts Show but would give a donation of 10/- to the Funds.

Mr J Moutter handed £1 to the Secretary which he had received as a donation to the Society from Mr Bulmer

Altofts Show

Pro Mr Prest sec E H Robinson

That this show be put back one week to May 19th & 20th


Mr Tear pro Mr Hunt sec that these be put in the "Advertiser" , "Wakefield

Express" as usual.

Mr Beddows to try and find Opener for Altofts Show

Judges. The following were elected

Mr Midgley pro Moutter sec Hunt

Mr EH Robinson pro Reg Robinson sec Prest

Mr Beddows pro eyre sec Tear

Mr N Eyre to fill any vacant position.

A sub committee comprised of Messrs

Reg Robinson G Hunt E H Robinson to see to sale of flowers at Whinney

Moor & to use their own discretion.

The Secretary distributed Schedule for both shows and prize list & tickets for raffle.

Mr Hunter gave 1 dozen eggs to raffle

Mr Moutter & Mr Hunt won 6 each Nos 23 & 33

Raffle realized 13/2 Rent of room 2/6

Net Profit 10/8

Next Meeting after the Shows

Meeting closed 8.5pm signed FR Hunter July 14th 1951

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