Thu 28th Mar 1940

Members Present Messrs , T Booth Chairman

G Hunt, Rushworth,Brook, W Robinson, Means,

Summers, EH Robinson

The minute of last Meeting were duly read and past as a true record by a Proposition from W Robinson sec by Mr Brook

Arising out of minutes was a discussion as to the best use of lecture papers and Slides

Mr Hunt kindly promised to arrange for lecture along with secratery, pro Mr Tear Sec Mr Hunt

That after the present orders for Football Ticket are completed we introduce a Saturday

Racing Double

Pro Mr Tear Sec Mr Brook

That secratery get in touch with the

Secratery of the Bulb Growers Assositatis of Spalding, with a view to a tradesmans

Stand at our next show

The Auditors reported a true record of affairs and the Balance Sheet was accepted by a proposition from Mr Brook Sec by Mr Rushworth

Mr Hunt then stated that he thought that the distribution of Complimentery ticket had in the past been abused, as shown by the great quantity that were handed in at our last Show, this no dowt decreased our gate receips, and the following mosion resulted Pro Mr Hunt, Sec W Robinson

That for our next Show only 75 Complement

Ticket be purchased and to be used for Patrons and subscriber only

Next Meeting to be held Wed April 10

Tom Booth

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