Thu 28th Mar 1935

Members Present were Messers R Robinson

F Hiley W Beddows, T Lockwood, A T Meens

E H Robinson

The Meeting opened with the reading of the minutes of last meeting, which were passed as correct by a proposition from R Robinson seconded by T Lockwood

The only correspondence was a letter from

Normanton Chrysanthemum Society stating that they were again staging a Tulip Show and asked for our united surport,and also our help in compilling a list of classes, which was done to the satisfaction of the committee

The discussion on a class of 25 Tulips was again brought up and the following proposition was made by F Hiley , that we stage a class for

25 Tulips, these to be of the English Florist

Variety and to be staged in vases belonging to the society , each tulip must be shown as grown with long stems, this class to be sold for the benefit of Society and was seconded by T Lockwood and was carried unanimusly

The prizes for this class to be 7/6 st 5/- nd 2/6 rd

The next discussion was the fixing of the

Show date and as the season as every posibility of being an early one the following date was fixed provisionaly

Pro Hiley sec Robinson }

that the 99th annual Show be held on may 18th-19th-20th carried unanimasly

The secratery was instructed to write

Mr Tom Hewitt with a view to performing the opening cerimony and Mr Brook of Altoft for surport

The following New Members were made by a proposition from W Beddow, Seconded E H Robinson, Mr Brook Altofts, Nr Normanton

Mr H Robinson Horbury

William Beddows

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