Sat 28th Jan 1956

Members Present Messrs FR Hunter (President) W Beddows,

A Tear, J Hardman, L Jukes, N Eyre, G Hunt

HV Bell, HV Calvert, F Booth K Robinson

& the secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro HV Bell that minutes of

Sec A Tear last year’s General

Meeting be accepted as a true record

Auditors Report the auditors said the loss recorded was not really a loss due to the amount of stock purchased during the year

J Hardman Pro W Beddows Sec a vote of thanks to the Auditors

Secretary’s Report & Balance Sheet

Pro G Hunt that the Balance

Sec W Beddows Sheet be accepted

Election of Officers

Pro A Tear That Mr FR Hunter

Sec J Akers be reelected President.

Pro J Hardman That Mr Beddows

Sec N Eyre be elected Chairman.

Pro W Tear That J Akers be elected

Sec G Hunt Secretary

Pro N Eyre That Mr Prest be

Sec HV Calvert reelected Treasurer

Pro W Tear That vice Presidents be

Sec G Hunt reelected en bloc.

Pro W Beddows That A Tear & N Eyre

Sec J Hardman be reelected auditors

Shows for 1956 Pro J Hardman

Sec H Calvert

That there be two shows in 1956. One at


Thornes Club one at the Horse & Jockey Altofts

The Secretary & Mr Eyre gave a report of the meeting with the Thornes Club Secretary.

The upstairs room would be available as usual but the downstairs room had been redecorated & was now used as a dance hall.

The billiard table had been moved upstairs but it was felt these would not unduly interfere with the staging as covers were available & bloom could be staged on there

Secretary’s Honorarium Pro N Eyre Sec G Hunt that it be same as last year £6.

Chocolates (Donor Mr Beddows) & Eggs (Donor Mr Hunter) were raffled which realised 11/6 after paying 2/6 for Room.

Meeting closed 8 pm

FRHunter Feb 26th 1967


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