Sat 28th Jan 1950

Members Present

Messrs Beddows Tear

Eyre Hunt Prest EH Robinson

Robinson W Robinson K Robinson Robshaw

Moutter Booth & J Akers (Secretary)


The secretary read the minutes of the previous general meeting

Mr Beddows pro Mr EH Robinson sec that minutes be confirmed

Balance Sheet

The Secretary ready the balsnce which Mr Robshaw pro

Mr Beddows sec be adopted

Auditors Report

Mr Eyre said the Society was in sound position & any money made now was to the benefit of the society. In previous years when we had done well we had made donations to hospitals etc He said the books were in order & they had received every help from the Sec retary in the Audit. Mr Tear concluded.

Election of Officers

The Following were elected

Mr Hunter Chairman & President

Vice Presidents en-block with the addition of Mr Burrows

Cn E Briggs

Mr Robshaw

The Secretary J Akers

The Treasurer Mr Rust

Were re-elected

Venue for Annual Show


Mr E H Robinson pro Mr Robshaw sec

That a deputation be sent to the

New Lanlord of Whinney Moor to see if it possible to hold Showt here


Mr Tear pro Mr Booth sec that the Show be held at Altofts

Proposition Carried

Debate on what should be done with Needham Memorial Cup be left over until next meeting.

Pro N Eyre sec Reg Robinson that Messrs Hunter & Akers see

Landlord of Whinney Moor

Any other business

Pro N Eyre sec G Hunt

That Secretary receive honorareum

The Secretary replied that he would rather not accept one this year. The late Secretary had not had not had one for two years. If they persisted in giving one he would return it.


Mr Beddowes pro Mr Moutter sec That we fall in with Secretary’s wishes. Amendment Carried

Next meeting was fixed for Feb 25th

The Secretary to postcard members

The Meeting closed at 8-10pm

6. eggs (donor Mr Hunter) were raffled

After 2/6 had been paid for the room the profit of 4/6 were paid into Society


W Beddows

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