Mon 27th Jul 1981

JL Akers in the Chair with 11 other members present

Jane Eyre, Miss Benson, J Akers, J Seed, R Laughlin,

P Emmett S Knowles M Jackson, R Cotton J Earnshaw

K N Eyre Hon Sec

Apologies were received from WD Tear N H eyre

J N Gibson J Hardman H V Calvert Mrs W Akers

The minutes were read of the last meeting and approved.

Matters arising — None

Correspondence A letter was read from a Mr Booth of Leeds asking if he could have some English Florist bulbs so that he could paint the blooms

The meeting felt that Mr booth should be asked to come to the next annual show and collect some blooms to paint.

A letter was read from a Mr Griffith of Swansea asking about bulbs suppliers. The meeting expressed that the sec could write and suggest some both Houses.

Bulb Orders — Mr WD Tear offered for a sale of

RENOWN at£4.50 per 100 as the prices was cheaper that Parkers, many members preferred to buy for Mr Tear than Parkers. this left only a few £s worth of orders to be place after a brief discussion it was approved not to buy form Parkers this year and mebers would purchase direct from WD Tear.

a. Raffle raised £2.10 prizes donated by Mr J Seed. cans of beer.

Next meeting As no Dutch bulbs were to be purchased by the Society for members at date about the last week in October was aggred so that if any member had spare English Bulbs they could given out.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

J Taylor

1971 page 80

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