Mon 27th Apr 1981

Apologies were received from the following

N H Eyre, H V Calvert, D Guest, A Hayward, J Seed

The meeting was open by the Chairman Mr

C Harrison with 14 members present, J Akers

J L Akers, Mrs W Akers, J Hardman, W D Tear, J Taylor,

P Emmett, S Knowles, M Jackson, R Laughlin, J Earnshaw

Mrs C Kenney , J Harper and K N Eyre Hon Sec

The Minutes of the 144th AGM were read and approved

Annual Report

The report had been sent out to members a few days before a long with the Balance sheet. After a brief discussion the Report and Balance sheet were approved.

Mr Harrison moved a vote of thank to the Secretary for the report

Mr J Taylor moved a vote of thanks to Mr & Mrs Akers for the supper which they provided.

Election of Officers

Patron Rory McEwan J M Perkins

President The Marquess of Hartington

Vice Presidents J Akers , H V Calvert Lord C Of C

P Emmett, N H Eyre, G W Gray, J C Hardman

ALR Hunter, S Knowles, Mrs Markham, Miss BD Snape

J Taylor, W D Tear E Worthington, Mrs H White

Chairman C Harrison

Hon Secretary K N Eyres

Hon Treasurer J L Akers

Auditors — J C Hardman C Harrison

Show Date

The Annual Show was fixed for the 16th May 1981.

The Meeting closed at 8.15pm followed by an ordinary meeting

Colin Harrison

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Mon 27th Apr 1981

C Harrison in the chair with 14 other members

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Show Details

Date 16th May 1981 The secretary reported that the room at the Duke of York Hotel had been booked for all the Saturdays in May.

Would the meeting consider having the show on Sunday. or look for an other venue. The meeting felt that another venue would be better.

The Secretary repoted that he had made enquiries for Holmfield House in Wakefield Park. There were two rooms available one at a cost of £1.40 per hour the other a much larger room for £2.80 per hour. Mr J Hardman proposed that we held the show in the larger rooms and second by J Taylor and the Secretary was asked to make the nesesary arrangements

Opener The meeting requested the Secretary to contact Mr J Wood of the ‘Garden News’ with a view to see if he would open the show or Mr D M Perkins

Judges Mr W D Tear offered to judge the English and Mr Ajkers and J Hardman the Dutch.

Raffle Mr Hardman proposed that the Society should buy the first prize. After a a short discussion Mr J taylor offered £5 and

Mr Hardman proposal was dropped 10 members offered prizes. Raffle tickets were distributed for sale at 5 for 10p

Bottles and Vases The vases Mr J L Akers would make arrangements for picking the vases up.

The secretary reported that the manager at Holmfield House would keep the empty bottles back for us.

Preparrations as the room had to be Hired the meeting felt that 11.00 to 9.00pm would be XXXXXX sufficient. member were asked to meet at 10.20am to get the room ready. XXXX The entries should be accepted from 12.30 to 1.45 and staging at 2.00pm

The show open to the public from 5.00pm with the official opening at 7.30pm followed by sale of blooms approx. 8.00pm

Mr C Harrison agreed to provide the paper for the tables. Mr WD Tear said that he would arrange to contact the Wakefield Express and Radio Leeds

Mrs Wendy Akers to ok look after the posters.

A raffle raised £2.80

The meeting closed at 9.00pm

JH Hardman

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