Mon 27th Apr 1959

Members present;- Messrs F.R. Hunter (president) J. Akers,

W. Beddows, E.H. Robinson, N. Eyre, A Laycock,

J. Prest, A.T. Meens, F. Booth, A Hirst & H Calvert.

Proposed J. Akers seconded Mr Robinson that the minutes of the last meeting be approved.

Correspondence. A letter was recived from Mr H.W.

Mallpress of Warwick, enclosing 5/- subscription

& asking about the date of the show.

The secretary was asked to send a schedule to Mr Mallpress & to other members as necessary.

Mr Hunter reported that he had secured Mr G. Senior of Horbury to open the Thornes Show on May 23rd.

Schedules were distributed to members present for the Horbury Show, & it was proposed by Mr E.H.

Robinson & seconded by Mr W. Beddows that a single column advert, the cost not to be above £1-0-0, should be inserted in the Horbury Observer on Sat.

May 16th.

The provision of vases & black cloth was left in the hands of the President, Mr Hunter, & Mr Eyre.

Mr Robinson kindly offered to provide light refreshments for any member needing them at the Show. This offer was very gratefully accepted.

Raffle tickets were issued were issued to members for the Horbury Show, to be sold at 2d each.

Donors of Raffle prizes for the Horbury Show were as follows.

½ bottle of Whiskey, donor Mr F R Hunter

1 lb box of chocolates " Mr W. Beddows N.H. Eyre

50 Players cigarettes " Mr E H Robinson

3 doz eggs " Mr F R Hunter.



Donors of raffle prizes for the Thornes Show

½ bottle of whiskey, donor Mr F R Hunter.

½ " rum " Mr J Akers

1 lb box of chocolates " Mr W. Beddows

3 dozen eggs " Mr F R Hunter.

additional prize " Mr G Hunt.

The following volunteered to help at Thornes Club on Friday night prior to the Show.

Messrs FR Hunter J Akers A Laycock AT Meens

H.V. Calvert.

A raffle realised 11/-, Mr Beddows gave a box of choclate chocolates & Mr Akers gave two lots of 1 doz daffodils to be dug up in July. The winners of the latter were Mr E.H. Robinson &

Mr A.T. Meens.

It was agreed that the next meeting be after the Shows.

Meeting closed 7-50 PM.


June 8th 1959


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