Sun 27th Apr 1941

Members Present, Messrs W Beddows Chairman, R Robinson senior, C Hamshire, G Hunt, W Robinson, N Eyre,

A Akers, R Robinson jun A Robshaw, & EH Robinson

The Minutes of last Meeting were duly read and past as a true record by a proposition from

R Robinson sen seconded C Hamshire

The correspondence contained a letter from Mr Tear one of our esteemed members addressed from a Clayton Hospital Ward, stating that owing to illness he was unable to attend the meeting, and the secratery was asked to send a message of condolance to our unfortunate brother

A short discussion then followed concerning the date of our forthcoming show proposed R Robinson Senior Seconded A Akers that our 105 Annual Show be held on May 24th

and 25th to be opened at 6 PM

This proved a very popular date and was carried unanimusly

The judging of the flowers was then discussed and several members expressed satisfaction at our last shows judging and the following proposition was unanimusly proposed G Hunt Seconded C Hamshire that following three members be asked to officiate in the same previus as last Show

R Robinson, JW Midgly W Beddow, and

Mr Robertson , Wakefield Park Superintendent for the other variety classes

The Chairman then asked the secratery to leave the room a few minutes, and on being called in was instructed that the committee had discussed the extra work he had shoulded during the past year and had decided that he should be paid an Honoray fee of £6 per year

This concluded the business and the next meeting be called May 11th

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