Sun 26th Jun 1938

Members Present Messrs W Beddows Chairman, W Robinson

G Still, Reg Robinson, A Banks, A Tear

E H Robinson

Minutes of the last Meeting were read and past as a true record

[The only business to report was the] — This written and crossed out

The Secratery then stated that the society was in a very poor finacial position owing to be thought cheifly to the two previus years, bad weather which no dowt interfered a great deal with our shows he then stated that he had done the only thing he possibly could after all expences were paid he would pay prize money to 1 quarter of unsual shedule , this was duly accepted and payed out

A disscussion then followed as to the raising of funds and the following proposition was carried

That we run a prize draw in

The Ciacarawich and sec be advised purchase ticket in books of 25 1d

R Robinson

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