Sat 26th May 1934

27th-28th and a very fine show was witnesed by a record crowd for the Society

The growing season was undoughtedly a bad one cold weather and persistant wind played havoc with any bloom, not in a very shielded place

The following were prize winners for 1934

Open Class

Cup Class 1st Mr CW Needham,2nd F Fox,3rd W Knowles

Class2) 1st W Knowles,2nd CW Needham,3rd I Midgly

Class3 1st CW Needham, 2nd F Fox, 3rd W Knowles.

Class 4 1st CW Needham 2nd Knowles 3rdMidgly

Class 5 1st Knowles, 2nd Needham, 3rdMidgly

Class 6 1st Mr Walker(Manchester)2nd I Hewitt,3rd Mrs Gill(Lupset)

Mr Needham win all three Premiers in the Open Class

Local Classes

Class 7) 1st F Fox,2nd W Beddows,3rd W Robinson

Class 8) 1st F Fox, 2nd EH Robinson,3rd W Beddows

Class 9) 1st F Fox 2nd W Robinson, 3rd E H Robinson

Class 10 1st R Robinson, 2nd I Hewitt, 3rd E H Robinson

(Premier Breeder) E H Robinson,W Beddows

Premier Fea F Fox

Single Bloom(Biz Bre) 1st F Fox 2nd E H Robinson 3rd I Hewitt

Biz Fla 1st F Fox 2nd R Robinson 3rd E H Robinson

Biz Fea 1st I Hewitt 2nd F Fox, 3rd W Beddows

Bib Bre 1st F Fox 2nd E H Robinson, 3rd W Robinson

Bib Fla 1st R Robinson 2nd E H Robinson 3rd F Fox

Bib Fea 1st F Fox,2nd W Beddows 3rd I Hewitt

Rose Bre !st F Fox, 2nd E H Robinson,3rd W Beddows

Rose Fla !st F Fox, 2nd A T Meens, 3rd R Robinson

RoseFea 1st F Fox, 2nd E H Robinson 3rd T Lock wood.

Novice Class 1st Geo Riley 2nd R Robinson (Jun) 3rd T Stile

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