Mon 26th Apr 1965

Members present, Messrs J. Akers (in the chair), J Hardman

A. Tear, R. Hunt, W. Markham, G. Hunt, J.W. Prest

A.T. Meens, & H.V. Calvert, secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting, held on 1st March 1965, were read & confirmed.

A letter from Mr A Simmonds of Guildford, Surrey, said that he regretted that he could not become a member of our Society because it was too far away.

A letter was received from Mr H.W.Malpress who

Enclosed his annual subscription of 5/-

A letter was receibed from Mr W.H Laycock, enclosing a cheque for £2 & regretting that he could not attend either of our shows this year owing to business connected with the Northern Horticultural Society.

Raffle Prizes for the Altofts show were as follows.

  1. The Society to provide ½ bottle of whisky.

  2. ½ a bottle of rum, donated by Mr J. Akers.

  3. 2lbs box of chocolate .. .. .. J Hardman.

  4. A Bottle of Sherry .. .. .. R. Hunt.

  5. 12/6 to be spent over the bar .. .. .. A Tear.

Messrs J. Akers, A. Tear & J. Hardman agreed to make necessary arrangements at the Horse & Jockey for the Altofts show.

They also arranged to meet Mr R Hunt & the Secretary at the Duke of York Hotel on Friday 21st of May at 7-30 to prepare for the show the following day.

The members of the Wakefield Flower Club had were to set up their flower arrangements, also on the Friday evening. The Secretary was instructed to contact the new landlord to confirm all arrangements. A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Hardman & eggs donated by the president, who was not well enough to be present, realised 10/-. The next meeting to be on the 14th of June.

J Akers June 14 1965


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