Fri 25th Apr 1986

Wesgate Wakefield at 8.00pm

JG Hardman in the chair with 12 members present

James & Wendy Akers, M Hainsworth S Knowles

C Harrison B Kitching A Hayward Mr & Mrs keys

M Jackson C Marsh KN Eyre Hon Sec

Apologies were received from NH Eyre Jane Eyre

H. V. Calvert R Perraudin

The minutes were read and approved with that addition of a vote of thanks to the members who had given bulbs from C Harrison and Seconded by A Hayward.

Correspondence letters were read from The

Field and harpers and Queen Magazines asking about this years show and if they could do an article on the English Tulip

The letter from the Sun Alliance Insurance Group stating that the premium and asked the Secretary to obtain a claim form to claim for 2 damaged Trophies. Mr Akers reported that the Hunter Memorial Trophy had a broken handle and the Silver Challenge Cup needed some attention

ANNUAL SHOW After a short discussion the Chairman preposed that the date of the show could not desided and another meeting to called in 2 weeks time. 2nd by James Aker. The Venue as agreed to be Holmfield House and the Secretary was asked to make contact with the Manager to make XXXX arrangement

The meeting agreed that the Mayor of Wakefield HDC to be asked to open the show

Mrs Wendy Akers offered to make some posters and would put the date in at the next meeting

Schedules The same as last year with the prize for the most points being given by the Society

Judges Mr Harrison asked to Judge the Dutch and Jane Eyre the English classes with help if needed.

Vases and Paper these were to be taken away by James Akers and A Hayward and the bottle by the Secretary.

Raffle Several members offered to give prizes for the raffle

AOB Mr Stan Knowles gave the chairman an envelope containing £50 half to be put to a Memorial Trophy for Jim Akers and the other £25 for free entry to the Annual Show.

The chairman thanked Mr Knowles for his generosity

The meeting closed at 9.25pm

JG Hardman May 10th 1986

1971 page 108

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