Mon 25th Mar 1991

Present : Chairman:- Mr. J. Hardman

Secretary:- Mrs W. Akers

Treasurer:- Mr J. Akers

Mr. A Hayward Mr W. Tear Mr K. Eyre Mr. M. Hainsworth

Apologies were received from Mr R Perraudin

The meeting commenced at 8.05 pm.

  1. Dutch Show

The date of the 11th May was agreed,the Wrenthorpe Village Hall being available. An earlier closing time was suggested of 5 0’clock

Mr Hardman was proposed as judge. The schedule was checked to see whether any amendment were needed but it was decided to leave it as originally planned for this year.

More publicity would be beneficial perhaps through Garden News reporter Jack Wood. Refreshments were requested, tea, sandwiches and cakes. (signed JG Hardman 3.10.91)

2.Mr Keith Eyre voiced his worries that committee meetings were causing members to lose interest. Mr Akers made the point that very few members attended. Costs of hiring meeting halls were prohibitive. Committee agreed to public meeting to discuss the date of the Annual Show — this to be 8th April 8pm at

Unity Hall

Raffle tickets to be purchased to distribute at this meeting.

3. The Secretary reported the contact from the BBC in connection with a Gardeners World Directory to be published in 1992 with an entry about the society. She was also in regular contact with Vanessa Jackson, the producers assistant for the Gardeners

World programme from Pebble Mill who intended to film in Timothy Clarks garden at Soham and feature the English Florist tulip sometime in late April early May. They had requested information about the society’s history.

4.TheNewsletter was in hand and the Editor was able to devote more time since work commitments in Germany had eased.

5. Mr. W. Tear was keen to have an exhibition stand at the late Daffodil/Tulip Competition at the beginning of May April 30/1st May at Westminster. Discussed problem of early date being difficult to achieve with English Florist flowers, Dutch available, Mr Tear was showing , Mr Akers was judging at this show. We needed a printed application form to give to interested people which stated the aims of the society the annual subscription etc.

6.A Discussion of the number of bulbs given out over the years ended the meeting. These numbered into the thousands where did they go? Still only a nucleus of members who showed bulbs flowers.

The meeting ende at 9.10 pm (signed JG Hardman June 3rd 1991)

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