Sat 25th Feb 1950

Members present. Messrs Beddows elected

Chairman . EH Robinson W Robinson

K Robinson Moutter Eyre Hunt

Meens Prest Robshaw Tear & J Akers



Pro Hunt Sec EH Robinson that minutes be confirmed

Correspondence There was none

The Secretary gave a report of the meeting between Mr Hunter & himself with the new landlord of the Whinney

Moor Hotel. They had provisionally fixed with him May 20th as the date of the Annual Show. The Landlord to charge cleaning expenses. Pro Eyre sec EH Robinson that this be confirmed and the delegates thanked.

Needham Memorial Cup

Pro Hunt sec EH Robinson That the cup be given to most points in English

Classes at Principal Show


Pro Tear sec K Robinson

That it be awarded to Secondary Show most points

The proposition was carried

Pro Eyre sec Moutter That the Gold Medal be awarded to most points in secondary show which is all Darwins

Pro Akers sec W Robinson That the 9 single blooms be cut to 3 classes

I Breeder I Feathered ! Flame

Prize Money to be 5/- 1st, 3/- 2nd 2/- 3rd

Class 5 Principal Show to be 12 instead of 25 English Florist Tulips pro EH Robinson sec W Robinson

Classes 5&6 to be sold Saturday

Pro Meens sec Hunt that Mayor of Wakefield be approached to Open Show at Whinney Moor

Pro Akers sec EH Robinson that Show at Altofts be held May 6&7th

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