Mon 24th Apr 1989

J. G Hardman in the chair with 12 other members present C. Marsh R Cotton P Emmet, S Warrior W.D. Tear A Hayward Mrs. A. Benson, A Harper J. L. Akers F. R. Perraudin Vice Sec KN Eyre.

Apologies were received from the following members D. Barnes, R Smales, P Royales , Wendy Akers, ????? Akers, Jane L. Eyre, M.H.Eyre .

The minutes of the last meeting were read and, approved.

Matters Arising. W. D Tear asked why we were not having a little show for Dutch

Tulips this year as the season had been early, and he was under the impreshion that the class of 24 Dutch would be in this years Annual show. A discussion was held to see if it would be possible to hold a small show this week before the annual show. The meeting felt that there were not sufficient members with dutch bulbs to hold a show.

Annual show The Secretary reported that the room at Holmfield House had been booked previously for the 13th May. after many members expressed that the 20th May would be better it was agreed to hold the show on the 20th May.

Judges Dutch Tulips — Mr Frank Smith would be asked if he would like to Judge.

English Tulips a team of J. G Hardman Jane L Eyre J.L. Akers and K.N Eyre.

Opener. The secretary that our president had asked when the show would be held and hoped to attend. It was left to the secretary to invite our president. to open the show.

Raffle. The usual raffle would be put on with members providing prizes

Tickets 5p each.

Time of Stageing It was agreed that the time stageing would be to allow more time for the judging.

New class MR James Akers proposed that a new class be added..

  1. Breeder (Seedling) Raised by the exhibitor.

2nd by WD Tear and carried.

Posters. MR Akers reported that the posters were being dawn and would be ready for the show.

Bottles MR Trevor Mills sead would that

400 bottles would be provided by BASS

Brewery to 2 or 3 days before the show.

The meeting closed approx. 9.15 pm .

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