Sat 24th Apr 1937

Member Present Messrs W Beddow G A Brook A T Means

G Hill & E H Robinson & Mr Bramham pro G A Brook sec G Hill}

That minutes of last meeting be past as read

Arising out of minutes was the staging of the new class any variety of Tulip after a lengthy discussion the following

Proposition by Mr Brook seconded by Mr A T Means

That the new Classes be staged in vases of 18 Tulips for the Best Class and 9 for the second class no drcoration alowed only own foliage

The prize for these classes to be

1st prize of 18 Tulips Medal given by Mr Bramham

2nd 10/- third 5/- and the vase of

9 Tulips 1st Prize 7/6 second 5/- third 2/6

Pro Mr Beddows and sec Mr Brook}

that the show be held on May 22nd carried

Pro Mr Brook second G Hill}

That all blooms be staged by 3.30.Show to open at 6PM carried unanimosly

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