Tue 24th Mar 1970

Mr J Akers in the chair, also present, Mrs H.

Townsend, Messrs J.W. Prest, J.W.R. Fox, H. Collins,

C. Heptinstall, R.B. Green, W.D. Tear, S. Knowles,

N.H. Eyre, K. Eyre, J. Hardman, J. Fisher & H.V.

Calvert, secretary.

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Messrs A. Tear, W. Guest, B. Carr & M. Kershaw.

The minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on 29th July 1969 were read & confirmed.

Arising from the minutes, the secretary announced that Mr Tear had no stocks available for De Jagers, after supplying members in 1969, but the secretary had been able to let them have a number of James Wild.

This was approved.

Correspondence. A letter was read from Mr W.D. Tear, suggesting it would be beneficial to novice members if we could have some photographs of flamed & feathered tulips, so that they could choose the right blooms for showing. It was decided that the members with cameras should take photographs of good breaks at the next show for the Society, the secretary said he had a collection of coloured slides of different kinds of tulips which he would be willing to show to members at any convenient time.

A letter was received from Miss F.H. Downey, Spofforth Harrogate enclosing subscription & donation of 10/-.

Also from Mr Allan Hawkes, Hazeldene, Spinney Lane, Rabley Heath, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, applying for membership & enclosing £1-0-0 for subscription & donation. Mr Hawkes wishes to take up growing old English tulips & the secretary promised he should have some when available.

A letter was received from Mr & Mrs V.C. Wallace Wright, ‘Belgravia’, Bennett’s Road, Geraldine, South Canterbury, New Zealand, wishing to join the Society & enclosing 10/- subscription. Having read a report of the Wakefield Tulip Show 1967, in the 1968 Daffodil & Tulip Year Book.

A letter was read from Dr Fred A Jordon, New York U.S.A. who was unfortunately not too well, & having recently fallen & broken his back. He had however enclosed an extract from an article by Richard Dean in the Chronicles of a Town Garden’, about early flowering tulips, from one of his collection of old English gardening books.

A letter was also read from Mr Cyrus Happy of Tacoma, Washington U.S.A. thanking us for a collection of old English florists tulips sent to him by our member Mr Frank Rhodes, & enclosing £1-0-0 donation to the Society.

All this correspondence had been attended to by the Secretary & this was approved.

New members. The membership of Mr Hawkes of Hertfordshire & Mr & Mrs V.C. Wallace Wright of New Zealand, were approved.

Show schedules were examined & discussed & it was agreed that they remain unaltered.

Regarding show judges, Mr S. Knowles suggested that he may be able to get somebody from the Barnsley Parks dept. to officiate. It was agreed that he should report to the next meeting & also agreed that the dates of the Shows be left to the next meeting. the Dates available at the Duke of York were 23rd & 30th May. Mr Tear would see the landlord of the Jockey at Altopts about the early show there. A raffle for seed potatoes donated by Mr A. Tear & chocolates donated by Mr J Hardman realised 15/-.

The secretary reported having seen our President, Mr F.R. Hunter, who appeared to be in good health physically, although he was unfortunately now totally blind. Mr Hunter promised us that the insurance of the trophies would, as long as he lived, be paid by him & could be regarded as his annual donation to the Society, the premium at present being £2 per annum.

Mr Hunter also said he would be leaving the district about May, to live with his daughter in Colchester.

It was proposed by r W.D. Tear & agreed that the Society should purchase the latest edition of "The Classified list of Tulip Names" from the compilers in Holland. This would be used to decide the colour classification of tulips, other than old English florists, at our annual shows.

J Akers 14th Apl 1970

Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society.

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