Mon 24th Mar 1958

Members Present

Messrs Hunter (Chairman) Beddows, Tear

J Hardman, Eyre, Booth, Midgley, Laycock, AT Meens

Markham, HV Calvert J Crest HV Bell & the

Secretary J Akers.

Minutes Pro N Eyre } That minutes of

Sec H V Calvert } previous meeting be accepted as a true record.

Arising out of minutes it was Pro J W Midgley

Sec HV Bell

That Mr Hunter try to will find an opener for the show.


Pro W Markham } That Local Classes

Sec W Beddows } be deleted, Carried

Pro J Akers } That Classes 1-5

Sec A Tear } stand as before. Carried

Pro J W Midgley } That Class 8 be

Sec J Akers } stand of 12 Rectified Tulips

& that the Needham Memorial Cup be awarded as 1st prize. No monetary value in this class. carried 4 to 3

Pro W Markham } That classes 6 & 7 stand.

Sec A Tear } Carried.

Cup classes to have Silver Challenge Cup or

Needham Memorial Cup as the case may be at the beginning in big print.



Pro H V Calvert } That Mr L A Haynes

Sec W Beddows } judge other than English

Pro N Eyre } That there shall be

Sec AT Meens } 3 Judges for the English Classes

Pro N Eyre } That Mr Midgley be one

Sec HV Calvert } judge

Pro W Beddows } That Mr Meens be a judge

Sec N Eyre }

Pro AT Meens } That E H Robinson

Sec W Beddows} be a judge

Pro N Eyre } That judges judge

Sec J Hardman } separately at intervals of 4 classes

Amendment Pro Mr Midgley } That judges

Sec A T Meens } judge together

The Proposition was carried

A raffle realised 10/6 after paying 2/6

for room

Next Meeting Monday Apl 21st

Meeting closed 8-15 pm.



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