Mon 24th Feb 1958

Mr W Beddows in the Chair owing to the

President & others arriving late due to the snow.

Members Present

Messrs Hunter Beddows Tear

Eyre, Prest, Booth, Markham Calvert

Meens & the Secretary J Akers


Pro HV Calvert } that minutes of

Sec A Tear } previous Annual meeting be accepted as a true record.

Auditors Report Mr Eyre gave the report

(Mr Tear being unable to attend the audit due to a cold) He said the books were in good order and it was pleasing to see we had made a profit of £1.7.5 on the year.

Election of Officers

Pro J Akers } that Mr Hunter be

Sec A Tear } re-elected President

Pro N Eyre } that Mr Beddows be

Sec AT Meens } re-elected Chairman

Pro A T Meens } that Mr J Akers be

Sec A Tear } re-elected Secretary

Pro AT Meens } that Vice Presidents be

Sec W Markham } elected en bloc

Pro A Tear } that Mr Prest be

Sec HV Calvert } reelected Treasurer


Pro J Prest } that Mr Eyre & Mr Tear be

Sec F Booth } reelected auditors.

The Secretary retired & it was agreed the

Honorarium be £6 as in previous years.

Meeting Room As the room was now used by a Skiffle group on Fridays

Saturdays & Wednesday’s it was agreed that Monday be meeting night.

No suitable show room having yet been found it was left to the Secretary to meet the Thornes Club & Mr Hunter to also make enquiries about a room.

Pro N Eyre } that 10-11th May the 17 the

Sec F Booth } the suggested dates of the

Shows It was pointed out by Mr Beddows that if the big show was held at Altofts it would be of two days duration & the 24th & 25th May would be suitable.

Chocolates & Eggs raffled realised 7/- after paying 2/6 for room

Next meeting Monday March 10th at 7-30

Meeting closed 8 pm

FRHunter March 9th 1959


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